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the_wild_ones ([personal profile] the_wild_ones) wrote2012-01-12 03:30 pm


Last night was the first time I had gone to the gym/pool in oh about six years? My memory is hazy in that aspect. I have noticed a dramatic decrease in my metabolism in the last two years which is not an odd occurrence as it happens with age. For my height, my ideal weight is 120lbs. I’m about 15lbs over that. My lowest weight was during a stressful time in my life when I had just lost my full-time job and could not bring myself to eat regularly. I think I dipped to around 100lbs. I drank a ton of coffee and smoked like a chimney.

Now, I just want to tone my body and hopefully drop down to 120 lbs. 115lbs is my ideal happy weight, tbh.

I joined the Y for its near Olympic-sized pools (25m / 4 to 6 lanes depending on location). When I was in my hay day, I swam 35 laps three days a week. Last night I only did 15 laps and had to rest after 5. Yes. I am ridiculously out of shape.

On my drive home, my pecs started to burn. I did not know/recall that I had muscles there. LOL.

Today, I searched for any app that logs/tracks swimming progress. No such luck. All the available apps were intended to track the time, and not distance. I had to just create one on Google Docs. You can access it here.

I’m pretty pumped. I love swimming, even though I only do breaststroke and often cheat by not thrusting my head forcefully downward or remember to stick out my butt. I go off-course with backstroke (no I don’t navigate by looking at ceiling tiles) and out-of-breath with freestyle (my gawd, it is so tiring).

Let’s see how soon I can get back in shape!